CuttleFarm Army

The CuttleFarm Army is a project started in 2005 to raise, breed, and aid in populating the United States with a difficult to obtain species of cuttlefish called Sepia Bandensis.With the limited space of a room rented in a flat in San Francisco, I have created the small Farm and training grounds required to create multiple Bandensis soldiers. Currently (Dec 2005) There are 11 Soldiers. Four are reaching 5 months of age and are sexually mature and very active. Seven are about 2 months old and are still perfecting thier hunting skills.

This portion of my website is an entertaining method for me to document the techniques, equipment, progress, and mistakes of this experiment. I have not decided if I want to write a technical description of all the necessary information regarding this species and raising them. If you want this information, Richard Ross has a very informative article featured here in Advanced Aquarist. Id like to thank Richard again for providing me with my original source of cuttlefish and eggs.