Nototodarus gouldi or commonly known as the Arrow Squid are found in the Southern half of Australia and New Zealand . They can be found as far down as 825 meters and are short lived with a lifespan of a little over a year. They eat voraciously and are aggressive predators that grow a couple inches a month. Their mantle (body) length can reach 1.5 feet and have arms that will double this size. They have a sharp beak hidden under all the arms and 2 extra long feeding tentacles equipped with circular suction cups lined with sharp razors that make it very difficult for their prey to escape. Squids and all cephalopods are equipped with a color changing mechanism that is so efficient that scientists still are not in full understanding of its mechanisms. Colors change instantly and are brilliant in color. Moods are expressed as well as it being used for camouflage. Rippling color waves are often seen flowing through the bodies used in some species to ‘hypnotize' their prey. 10 Tentacles can be counted with 2 of these much longer then the other 8. Males can be identified by a modified shorter arm located on the backside of the body. This arm is violently thrusted into the body of the female squid during sex. Actually mating is a violent act and often indiscriminately performed in which the male will mount any squid regardless of species or gender. Squids have blue blood and evolved thick nerves that allow them to have faster reaction times that almost any species of animal.

Propulsion is done through a blow hole visible on the back side of the squid. It works much like a jet engine, using its fins to adjust the direction they are moving. When attacking they can be seen with the 8 arms spread open in a circular formation and the two feeding tentacles shooting straight forward.