Maintenance and Care:

Carrying the Display -Over 2 gallons of alcohol is used to preserve these squids, so great care is needed to move them. When held by hand, ensure one hand is on the bottom side of the display, while the 2 nd holds it close to the body. Keep the squid in the box when moving, but ensure it is not held in a way that the jar will fall out! Ensure the cord is securely wrapped around the display before moving, so you will not trip or have it get caught during the move.


Changing the bulb -A small fluorescent bulb is used for the light box., in the case it needs to be replaced, be sure the box is NOT plugged in the wall and the light is turned OFF . Removal of the glass container is required. DO NOT use an incandescent bulb or any other non-fluorescent type of bulb for they will get too hot and damage the display.

-Rotate the squid so the top screw on cap is on the inside of the box.

-Slowly lift the glass jar and bring the lower end over the bottom lip of the box first.

-Then slowly take the entire display out and place it on a secure flat surface.

-Remove the circular revolving plastic

-The bulb can now be seen and unscrewed slowly through the hole in the bottom of the display.

-Replace the bulb with a similar size/wattage and reverse the previous steps to put the display back together.

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