Pickled Monsters

Giant Preserved Squid Sculptures - by Daniel Pon

With a new technique and concept, I have preserved these large squids in a articulated manner in thier Jars and Displays. Instead of just throwing the animal in a jar of alcohol, the squid was carefully postioned and suspended in its container to be immortalised in this unique display. The entire sculpture is a tad over 2 feet tall with a width of 10 1/2 inches. The squids themselves have a body length of over a foot with tentacles if stretched out reach 2 1/2 feet! The process of preserving the squids requires around 2 gallons of alcohol and over a month to complete. Each one will be completely unique!

The wood displays are made of high quality heavy Oak stained a dark red/brown on the exterior with a black wood stain for the inside of the box and the lighting housing. The black stain creates a clear contast to the lightened squid. Detailed columns and accents to the box were created to develope an antique mad scientist aesthetic and feel. The squids can rotate 360 degrees within the display, so you can view the specimen from any angle. The light housing is situated on the bottom of the display, up-lighting the squid.




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