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Custom Magnet Glass Cleaner!

So not to long ago, I received my upgrade pack of magnets for my Ecotech Vortech Pumps. After the upgrade, I was playing with the old magnets and accidentally put them too close together. Suffice it to say, the magnets violently snapped together and were so strong that I broke a sweat trying to get them apart!

I then realized that these could be used to make my own custom glass cleaning magnets for my tank! I’m too lazy to ever take my normal magnet cleaner out of the tank, so if there was going to be a square block stuck on the outside of my tank all the time, it might as well look cool.

Here is what I put together!

~ by Paradox009 on September 22, 2008.

3 Responses to “Custom Magnet Glass Cleaner!”

  1. how’d you do get the wet side to be water proof??
    more detils pls….

  2. The wet side is all acrylic. I binded the acrylic using the basic clear curing solvent with the excepted of one of larger sides. This last piece of acrylic has the magnet glued onto it and aligned with the magnetic North and South of the dry side magnet. To seal the last side to the acrylic box, I used an exceptional amount of silicone. If I were to do it again, I would just buy some rectangular magnets instead of using the round ones. Pivoting the cleaner on the glass with the round magnets seems to allow a slight misalignment on the wet side. I dont think this would occur if the magnets were rectangular.

  3. Nice Pictures… one thing but how you do this, can you describe briefly..

    Thanks ……

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