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This Is My Rifle….

This is my rifle, there are many like it, but this one is mine…

With the coming zombie apocalypse, everyone needs a rifle. In all the zombie novels, ground zero was always in China. However, if you are familiar with 6th st in San Francisco, you can see its already beginning there.This is within a mile from my house, so I had to be sure that Im ready. My weapon of choice was the SKS.

there were several reasons in which I chose the SKS.

-I like the all wood and steel of old firearms.
-They are old
-Im not a not a big fan of american guns, I like ‘Bad Guy’ guns..
-They are very customizable
-They are Cheap! Around $350
-It uses, in my opinion one of the best rounds. 7.62×39. Big enough to do what you need and cheaper then 9mm pistol rounds!
-and finally, they have a bayonet for those up close and personal moments

Since I cant seem to ever buy anything and leave it stock, I did a bunch of mods to both aesthetics and functionality.

This is what I did…

-Changed the wood top fore-grip to a metal vented one. Purely an aesthetic modification that makes it look ‘meaner’.
-Refinished the wood stock and stained in Blood Red! I actually used a few drops of my own blood. Sounds morbid, but I actually cut myself (on accident silly!) while prying open a very old can of wood stain. I then let a few drops of blood fall into my stain mix. The true secret to getting the red though is clothing dye.
-Polished the Bolt carrier, trigger, and mag housing to a nice almost chrome shine.
-Made a pouch that mounts to the butt stock to hold 2 stripper clips. Thats 20 rounds. This was made with rubber, and a bunch of rivets and eyelets. Functional and looks wicked at the same time!
-Changed the front site to a glowing red Williams Fire Site for better visibility.
-Removed the rear sight and installed a Tech-site with a small .41 aperture. Increases accuracy drastically.

Here is the before pic:

And this is the final product:

For all the purist that want to complain that I destroyed the historic value by changing it up like this, well…I didn’t! Every part I changed, the stock and all the parts I polished, were parts that I purchased spares of. I have all the original matching serial numbered item of the original and can put it all back in a good 5 minutes..

~ by Paradox009 on February 22, 2011.

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