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The Suicide Bike

This was an old project completed 4+ years ago, but I still thought it was Blog worthy. I will have new art to show soon. I Promise!

This is The Suicide Bike.
The name of this bike comes from the high probability that I will meet my demise (via impalement) one day riding this bike. The bike was created from the frame up and was completely hand painted. It has been loaded with fun vintage accessories such as an electronic horn, head and tail lights, and an old generator to power them. I made custom removable saddle cases from army ammo boxes. The handlebars are custom made using African Reed Buck antlers and the fender houses a small mink skull sporting an eye patch! Like most of my creations, this piece ranks a 1 on the practicality meter,but achieves a 10 on the coolness factor.

~ by Paradox009 on October 22, 2008.

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