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The Mysterious White Cuttlefish Egg

So a couple weeks ago, I get a call about the arrival of a mystery white cuttlefish egg. There were three possibilities of what this egg may have been. A flamboyant, S. latimanus, or S. pharaonis

After a couple weeks of development, Im pretty sure it is S. latimanus! Did I mention the common name for this cuttlefish is the ‘Giant Cuttlefish’. This species gets to be 2 feet long! Ive never heard of anyone having ever kept this species.

The egg size is more then 2x the size of Bandensis eggs, the baby with plenty of yolk left is 3-4x times the size of bandensis hatchlings and its still not hatched yet! I will take care of this one until it outgrows my available space, which shouldnt be long. Rich will probably then take him to throw in a 150 gallon system and when it outgrows that, we will need to hope the academy of science will take him!

Here is a size comparison. The bandensis on the right is 1 weeks old which is already 2x the size of freshly hatched bandensis!

Here you can see the cuttle on its side with the remaining yolk still attached.

Here is an egg size comparison between the Latimanus and Bandensis

Pretty cool stuff!

~ by Paradox009 on December 20, 2008.

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  1. Omg that is tooooo cute!!! *faint*

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