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TiffanyStar and Paradox Snowblood Deer!

I was at a local flea market not too long ago and saw a large taxidermied deer. On closer inspection, I saw a big crack on its nose as if it took a big tumble off of someones wall. Because of the crack and the fact that it was at a flea market, I was able to haggle with the merchant and purchased it for $40!

Tiffany and I decided to make it into a project for us. I made the wood frame and the harness while Tiffany painted the deer’s eyes, mouth, nose and horns! What do you think???!?!

~ by Paradox009 on December 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “TiffanyStar and Paradox Snowblood Deer!”

  1. looks good… kind of a reminder to all the trophy hunters… who kill for sport.

  2. It freaks me out

    its like zombie deer from the dead

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