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Mysterious Cuttlefish – The White Egg Part II and III

This portion Originally written in January 2009, but laziness/business prevented it from becoming a full blown post until now.

So for a week and a half I was able to watch this guy inside his egg. He appeared fully developed and I could not see a yolk. I started to become concerned that he was unable to escape from the egg, which is much tougher then bandensis eggs. He was already responding to its environment and even following shrimps around. One day I saw him hovering in the egg in a manner that resembles how a baby bandensis would look if it was starving to death. So I decided to break the egg and release the baby. So far, a week later he seems healthy and has been eating live mysids.

I put a short video together. Im still not positive on the ID for this guy, but the egg had a diameter of 1.25 – 1.5 inches and the cuttle itself was about 1/2″. The egg was surprisingly strong requiring a decent pinch and tear to open.

March 03, 2009

Pretty sure it is Latimanus. A very interesting species so far. The behavior reminds me of officinalis . Seems more personable then bandensis and found to be hovering around more often. It was shy at first, but quickly warmed up to me when he learned I was his source of food.

The most fascinating aspect of this species is the attack posture. When preparing to strike, Latimanus will flair out the two largest tentacles. You can see this in some of the pictures here and the video.

I haven’t had time to take the best pictures, but here is what Ive got so far!

Mid Strike!

And heres a more interesting video of him!

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3 Responses to “Mysterious Cuttlefish – The White Egg Part II and III”

  1. Awesome video!!
    The eggs I purchased few weeks ago hatched almost 2 weeks ago.
    They are so kewl!! I went to the Beach and picked up some TINY crabs (different types) the other day. THEIR GONE!! :-)

    What is the Giant Squid eatting in the video, looks like opossum shrimp.
    Thanks for your work with these critters.

  2. Im feeding mysids in this video! Glad to hear your cuttles are doing well!

  3. Is your mystery cuttlefish a broadhead cuttlefish. I purchased two eggs identical to the one you have photographed and was told they were broadhead cuttlefish eggs ? ? ? ?

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