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Antique Flat Screen Tv?

So we moved into a new house this year. Well, a new ‘old’ house since it was built in the 1920s. The house has some charming elements to it like wood flooring and moldings, but also some annoying elements like leaky faucets, 2 prong outlets, and a large fireplace that has been made non-functional by an overly paranoid land lord. Unfortunately, the fireplace is right in the center of our living room which was the only sensible spot to place the tv and entertainment center. The one big problem with this is the fact that I cant stand the way modern technology looks in contrast with all the antiques we have! So I was on a mission to find a way to hide all of these components and hopefully make something cool in the process. I quickly sketched out a drawing for a wood facade/cabinet and a way to encase our new 37″ flat screen HDTV. I quickly went out and bought all the wood and parts, but lost motivation quickly as I slowly recalled why I hate working with wood. It makes a huge mess!

The project went very slowly and sat in the garage for a couple of months. I then received a new motivational force. I was contacted by the Discovery channel to participate in an episode of a new show. They wanted to film me and my art in my house! But they wanted to do it in a week and a half!

So I had to make this mess…

Into something presentable…

I didn’t finish everything, but I did enough to hide everything in time for the filming. I still wanted to make small stands to place each squid display on. These would be directly on the sides of the cabinet and would hold the squids at a much lower height. The tops of the squid displays would be at the center height of the TV. This would make the whole display look more balanced. However, since the filming has completed, that extra motivation I had to complete the project is gone, so the unfinished pieces will have to sit in the garage for now.

Since we don’t plan on living here forever, I had a budget for the project. The structure of the cabinet utilized cheap woods, but it was skinned with high quality pieces and nice Victorian trims and moldings. I used a metal grate like material for the doors on the lower cabinet. This was to allow me to still use the remote control on the cable box, Stereo Receiver, and DVD player..etc.

I then made a piece that encased the entire TV and added closing doors that fold open and reside to the sides to allow viewing of the screen. To be able to use the remote on the TV, I had to cut out a hole to expose the sensor. Victorian style wood knobs were added as the finishing touches!

Id like to still add more details to these pieces to make this appear more so like my original concept, but we will see when I get to them. So expect an update in the next year or so?!?!

~ by Paradox009 on May 22, 2012.

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