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The Black Bomber Cafe

Its been a long time since Ive made a post. Ive been very busy with my new business and this project was the most ambitious one Ive ever taken. This CB450 Cafe started from 3 incomplete rust buckets. There were many obstacles that came about that caused this project to be shelved due to frustration. But after 2.5 years, this bike was finished and on the road!

I based the bike around the Black Bomber K0 Chrome paneled fuel tank. Ive always loved this tank as its iconic shape gave it it’s sinister nickname. I chose to use dark natural tones for the color scheme. Dark bronze powder coating for the frame, while the engine, wheels, tank and seat pan were a flat black. Accents were done with polished aluminum, and a slight touch of brass and copper. The seat was made out of a Dark brown distressed deer skin leather and the tank straps came from a 1940s WWII german era messenger bag.

I added a lot of touches to the bike which may not be necessary, but made the bike fun for me. This includes a brass headlight visor with a custom rock grill, bar end turn signals, dual vintage Lucas glass lens tail lights, leather wrapped grips, and copper drain lines on the carburetors. The headlight was from a 60s era moped with an integrated speedometer. The rear of the frame was chopped off and the battery and all electrical components were moved under the custom seat pan. I wanted the bike to look open with little to no wires showing. The exhaust was a custom 2 to 1 with a flat black heat shield. The headers surprisingly have turned to a brass tone that matches the visor and tank emblems.

I am sure that I will add more fun touches to the bike, bike as of now, I plan to use my little spare time riding it. For a detailed description of the build process, click HERE.

Special thanks to Jason Hemp, Paul Scheissl, and Brian for the help with fabrication, building, or mechanical assistance, and Gene Lee for the amazing photos!

Side ViewSeat - top downHorn and EngineCopper Drain TubesDual Lucas LightsStarter Button on Center NutLeather Wrapped Grips!st Test Ride on New Pipe!Old Scrambler PipeRawTail Light - Dual Antique Lucas LightsTank Fresh PaintDistinguished Gentleman's Ride SFDistinguished Gentleman's Ride SFBack View3/4 viewInstrument PanelFont view

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