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The Tentacles is a journaled exploration of my personal Arts and Projects. My thirst for intellectual provocation and aesthetic satiation is the sole motivation for these obsessive projects.

My most challenging endeavor has been an ongoing affair with studying and breeding Cuttlefish. This has served as a nice bridge between the intellectual and artistic. Intellectually, the challenges involved the system design and developing the entire ecosystem that not only sustain cuttlefish but to allow them to breed. Artistically, I used an excessive amount of Victorian trims and moldings, old rivets and machinery to attempt a theme that blurs the lines between the aesthetics of the old mad scientist, lovecraftian, and ancient maritime machinery. This project resulted with the most equal balance between Form and Function when typically, my art focuses less with the later.

The majority of the other entries on my page are to document my attempt to alter the immediate world around me to function and look the way I feel they should. Much of my art involves taking ordinary objects and hopefully making them non-ordinary. With a similar theme, I enjoy using a combination of wood, metals, found objects, or even remnants of once living creatures to further the illusion that I still live in a world devoid of plastic and efficiency plays a role of lesser importance to design…

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  1. I added your blog to StumbleUpon, and I’d love to follow it via a feed. Do you have an rss addy?


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  3. I just found this blog off a link from YouTube and I would just like to say that you, sir, are an inspiration. Continue the good work.

  4. yea i just found this blog too, pretty awesome! everyone should have the motivation to share with others what they’re passionate about… I especially like the computer mouse you made!

  5. unreal, saw your post on reefcentral and decided to check out the cuttlefish farm. truly wonderful designs you have made out of our everyday dealings, the mouse is AWESOME. just figured i would send a message with some comments, totally dig the schwinn as well, makes me think of adding some antelope antlers to my all state scooter.

    rusty scupper

  6. I’ve long fantasized about having a custom wooden housing and keyboard for my ‘puter, but I have nowhere near the skills needed to make that happen. Then I saw your keyboard on Flickr. Neat!


  7. I think you must be the most awesome human on earth? Epic fucking win.

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